Student runs through a group of teachers and students offering high fives

In an effort to foster a greater sense of community, Patrick Henry Elementary School has implemented the house system this school year. 

All PHES students and staff have been sorted into one of five houses, each with its own character trait, house color, chant, and sign. Each house has students from all grade levels, as well as a variety of staff members. Members of each house will work together to represent their house's character trait with pride. 

The houses and character traits are:

Loba  (Trustworthy)

Menetukan (Determination)

Kuleana (Responsible)

Alba (Respect

Umba (Innovation)

Students and staff will work together to build strong relationships that will help them to feel more connected to their school.

"Our goal is for students to feel as if they truly know all the staff and students at our school and that we are united as one," explained PHES principal Cameron Cooper.

Houses will meet throughout the school year to participate in bonding activities, work on character trait development, and complete special projects. They will also work throughout the year to earn points for their house. Points are a way for staff to reinforce the positive behaviors demonstrated by students. 

Families are encouraged to participate in the house system as well! Wear your child's house colors, ask them about their house, and discuss their house character trait with them. 

We can't wait to see how our school community grows and flourishes with the new house system!